Let’s Learn About Scenography!

Puppetry is a very popular art form in all 4 Visegrad countries, although its official recognition varies. These 4 countries are very close geographically, but their puppetry art communities are separated from each other. It is a JOINT PROBLEM because we live in an era where culturally mixed creative groups achieve great success. We wish to bring back the communication, interaction and co-creation that existed between our countries’ artistic communities in the 1960’s-80’s. Separately all 4 countries’ PUPPETRY ART (and theatre art) is well recognised internationally, but the way of the present (and the future) lies in cooperation, not in the present ISOLATION. Puppetry of our region bears a distinctive mark, and while international recognition exists continually, joint puppetry projects (where the artists could also learn from each other) could achieve even greater successes. Isolation exists at another level too: the “look” of the theatre (scenography) and the “movement”, the “functioning” of it can’t always be reconciled. Something may look nice but maybe the actors struggle with using it. Or maybe it is practical but looks ugly. But we need nice things that function well. We need the artists who create them to cooperate. This DOUBLE PROBLEM OF ISOLATION is universal in all the participating countries. Therefore we decided to offer a solution that can be adapted to puppetry education/adult/postgrad education in all 4 countries.

We offer to make an INFORMAL EDUCATION PLATFORM in the form of a specialized international workshop. We offer to create a pilot program in this project which in following years could take place in all of the partner countries, one after another. The WORKSHOP offers FUNCTIONAL KNOWLEDGE FOR COOPERATION between fine artists and theatre artists, bringing puppetry and theatre to a new level. Functionality is a key word here as theatre is a world where scenography has to look great but has to be usable, practical too. Fine artists and theatre artists have to learn about the obstacles that are in each other’s way; they have to LEARN TO WORK, TO CREATE TOGETHER. Scenographers / fine artists have to learn to create scenery and objects that are nice to look at but also easy to work with – and actors need to learn to adapt their movements to their environment. This togetherness has to span over art forms AND countries as well. Although the workshop itself focuses on young artists from fine arts and theatre, we wish to expand its reach by contacting secondary-level specialized schools as well where we can reach students (in all 4 countries) of a younger age. And of course we’ll contact the puppetry/theatre/fine art higher education institutions in our respective countries too. The idea is to create a non-formal education form that can later be integrated into formal ways of education, gaining weight to our solution. This pilot serves to lay down and explain the rules of cooperation, to explore new ways.

In a 7-DAY WORKSHOP in Szigetmonostor we will focus on the functionality of art in the theatre. We’ll create 4 GROUPS of the 20 participants; each group will be GUIDED BY 3 TEACHERS each (1 director, 1 scenographer, 1 dramaturg) from CZ, SK, PL and HU (highly acclaimed artists, delegated by our partners). Based on a given topic (eg. a well-known Grimm-tale) the participants will analyse the play from a designer’s/scenographer’s perspective, then they’ll create a plan for the show (synopsis, storyboard, a 1:10 scale paper model of the scene, and sketches for scenery, costumes and puppets). Indirectly, the wider professional public will get “walk in” opportunities at the 4 group’s work (cca 50 persons). We’ll also ask our partners to DELEGATE ACTIVE ARTISTS (directors, actors, designers, composers etc.) who’ll held lectures in the evening, presenting their own perspective on the creation of a show. These EVENING LECTURES will be open for a wider professional public as well (cca 50 persons / lecture). The TANGIBLE OUTCOME will be: 4 installations that we’ll present to the wider public at the 4 exhibitions in the 4 countries, and also at the end of the workshop, as a smaller exhibition.

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The project is funded by the International Visegrund Fund.